Lets make them ABSTRACT

There are millions of them living around us and billions as a lump all over the world. Yes, I am talking about the famous breed- Human Beings; the Homo sapiens. Every day new faces cross our path and we bump on few important ones or we can also say some become important.

Completing the year 2017 and coming almost in the end of the Nepali calendar, thought why not to remember all those new faces who came and later became important to me. Let’s make it more interesting by categorizing them into various tastes or fragrances…

Well readers let’s start with the plain ones who taste nothing smell like none but are important like water. 2017 gave me really close friends, some existed from a long time and later became important where as some dropped out of nowhere and are now really important. Generalizing it, we all have such people for and forever with us.

Second ones were aromatic, the crushes, in average one each quarter. It’s with the fourth one these days . These are the yummy people. They don’t harm you, they don’t boost you, and they are there so you feel good within yourself and blush. They were my Americano for the taste and aroma and also for taking my sleep away.

Now the wasabi type, they smell tempting- only if you like wasabi (I do), but are not as yummy as you expect them to be. If you have no idea about how they taste, don’t hope high until you try.

Finally the stinking ones, they are all over and with everyone. We try to avoid such people but the majority of the society is such, the hypocrites. They will follow you every year, everywhere.

Some left, with no reasons and some created reasons to leave. And there I am with this beautiful circle of people with different fragrance and tastes.

Hope you have a lovely circle…

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