Can your pocket fill my love?

I had always seen this friend of mine being such flattery Casanova. Then oops he fell for one, really bad. Now this guy had plans for THEM. He started paving ways to reach the richness and keep his princess happily when they lived ever after. Cliché but true is the fact that Rome wasn’t a single day’s result. Sadly, the princess was a real 21st century’s outcome who thought every effort was like 2-mins Maggy making. Her castle never showed her the melodramatic 80’s family drama of socio-economic hurdles. Poor stereotype she tried her best but couldn’t swallow the limits that the guy had lived with. Yes, obviously she saw his effort for few days. Walked with him for few hours and then those shimmering lights coming from the other side of the road attracted her. Those shimmers were magnetic and she was made of iron and yes my friend was made of none. He was just a rolling stone, trying to be stable and gather some moss. She left, crunching him into dust.

And where was I till then? Wanna know?

I was not allowed to enter as I was thought to be a threat. I was that observer who knew the end from the very first chapter.

Dear readers do love a person but if you want your lover to be of the same class, dare not to hold the hand of a person who is just in the root level. Your detachment can take them so high that your further attachments will later seem worthless. And you know living with regrets is worst than dying so don’t die. Platonic love is definitely old school now, so I hope your new chapter can afford you.


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