When someone comes to you, shoots the bullet of blame about things that you might have never done and you are struck with it so hard that the hole reflects what you lack of, that is the moment you realize explanation could have solved things but acceptance could bury it forever; which is good in the long run.

Few years ago my employer suggested me to understand the art of acceptance as it makes your life less complex. I denied it in the first place with a push of rebel. Today, I believe it is true. Sometimes it’s good to accept things that might have come from the wrong direction or maybe with the wrong subject. Initially, it might seem tragic. Obviously, when you have to carry the burden that you never piled-seems unfair but there comes a time when that pile shows you the reason for it to land upon you. And believe me it ends up being good.

A quick instance can be those unnecessary tantrums that we hear from family in our initial teen days. Those lines burn a rage of proving who you are and accelerate your chase for achievements. The game of blames never stop but the day you decide to accept things it will definitely stop harming you emotionally and psychologically. This is because we all are different. No one thinks alike. I love purple doesn’t mean I should dislike people who do not prefer my color. Someone wants to go left doesn’t mean right is the only right direction. The moment I understood it, things became easier.

We all are narcissist, whether we accept it or not. My first love is me and you too love yourself first. Imagine a second body coming to you and throwing up all the junks that s/he has stored for you. Ouch, it bites but only till we accept it for our betterment.

I learnt it a hard way. Swallowed blames for things I never did. Embraced every name I was given with, accepted every finger that poked my reality. My innocent affection and concern backfired and burnt me. But you know, Karma is actually a bitch. What went around did come back and time answered each question raised on my character, my identity, my affection, my dignity and my existence.

Finally, I have changed.  Molted and jolted for sure but way better after learning the art of acceptance.

Ps- My readers may not like it so please try to accept.



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