Those associated colors

She was born with multiple colors in her life. Pampered by her parents, loved by her siblings she grew bold, beautiful and wise. As time and nature agreed on sending her to the utmost youth, those colors added aroma in her charm. She flew with her unseen wings, reached higher and higher… The colorful side of her bloomed; she was now a woman who had spectrum in her pocket.

Now, she was ready to have a companion, was ready to merge her life with someone and was ready to add some more colors in her life. He came with some brighter ones. Though she had her own color bank, he made them vivid and shiny with his presence. Together they were perfect.

Unfortunately time had no mercy, it snatched him from her. He left for heaven and obviously he took away his shine from her colorful world. Guess what? She had her own collection left which would compensate and later support her. Then entered society, to rob the remaining ones from her.

They took away every pint left with her, even those which she carried since her birth. Now she wore white and lived plain. She forgot about her beautiful colors and lived colorless…

Was it fair? Didn’t she deserve the colors she carried since birth? Why did they take it away from her?

She wasn’t used to this, but they made it her habit. She missed her companion and cursed her birth as it knitted her happiness with someone who came later and left before. Staring at the white wall of her room, as white and colorless as her days, she kept her words to the fate maker- bless all with daughters and tell them not to extract her spectrum away for someone who is associated just for a moment.

A widow too deserves to live with colors.

(May not be the case everywhere but is still prevalent.)

Aarya Adhikari.







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