Ended better than it started.


The year was full of changes, drastic changes. 2073 (2016/2017) initiated with a heart break trauma, screwed up academic year, low bank balance, issues with friends etc… I wasn’t happy with whatever was happening. Still being positive, the year was driven. Amazingly, that year I lost interest from my job as well. My friend circle was also getting filtered. And the worst part was my dismantled emotions, scattered heart and pathetic state.

I was assured that 2073 was going to be a tough ride. And yes it was tougher than I thought it would be. Knew it couldn’t get worst so the worst was the best. As nothing could decline it more, I decided to accept everything happily. Hope held the world. With every astrological reading that my subscriptions provided, I became more and more optimistic. Ironically, the readings mentioned- you have a great love year ahead.

To spice it up, I fell sick and rested for 10 days. Imagine a jolly jumper tied up on bed for 10 days. That was my Bhadra (August). Slowly the season of marriage approached and all my single cousins got hitched- sad. What next? I will tell you what- soon to be 21 years and graduating, this lady was also thought eligible for sacrificing her singlehood. Fortunately, the topic started and ended in whispers.

By the end of 2016, the lagging interest towards my work resulted in resignation. And then the transformation started. After working for three years, I had break for a week before I joined this new place so it was well utilized. The best part was the emotional coping. When the dismantled emotions were restored, this girl turned into a woman. A sensible and strong woman who will make sure that her flight was not in the hands of an unstable and lost pilot. Instead she would fly it on her own.

New job meant new identity!!! Giving up the bubbly nature, I happened to be a secondary level’s strict teacher. Best was the last day when me and my lady love carried our bags and reached Pokhara to bid farewell to 2073. Two girls in pajamas, alone for the world but complete for each other, that’s how my year ended.

Happy New Year 2074 Folks.



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