This September is different than the previous one. I wonder how things change  frequently. Nothing constant, nothing rigid. Last September was really valuable. I was too happy, extremely cheerful and  blessed.

Now, I am the product of last september. Still cheerful but not expressive, happy but with tears, blessed but with pain. I wonder where my reason for happiness has vanished? It embraced me so warm for a quarter that when it left, I still had the hangover on.

Searching for it in the streets of Kathmandu, I am cursing myself for letting it go.

My audience advice me to let go and move on. Even I want to set IT free. It’s my heart though, that wants it back; and I could never rule against it.

Acceptance is a choice. Even if it’s change, it has to be accepted and I am not ready.



Courtesy: Thank you Raj for your patience while I edited this. 🙂


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