I still remember the first lip gloss I bought for myself with the hope of looking pretty and having glossy lips. It was pink. Today I don’t use one. If I go back to the initial teen age days, I never thought this is what I will turn out to be, a no makeup girl.

My companions were very pretty and I wished to be one of them. I was never among them or let’s say I never fitted in the “pretty girl” category. I looked chubby, I still do. Messed up curls, joint and thick eyebrows, hanging belly fat, shorter than average teenagers, that was what I looked like. When I turned 15, I was invited to my friend’s place for lunch, that day I found myself lost in the world of beautiful makeup and accessories. Shiny beads attached in those hair clips looked really good on my friend and it vanished within my curls. She used to curl up her lashes, paint something above her eyes, sprayed deodorant all over her body and wore short fancy dresses which I never fitted in.

The entire group had that habit and I was lost among them. It’s not that I never tried being one of them, I just couldn’t afford it. Makeup reacted back on my skin; fancy clothes made me look really funny.

There was another craze among girls then; dating. Pretty teenagers had school’s heartthrobs hanging out with them. I failed in this case too but was that actually a failure? No wonder makeup had gifted them something really interesting then.

By the end of the 10th grade, I had realized makeup wasn’t made for me. I was way happier with my Vaseline coated skin and messy curls. My boyfriend; yes I had one, was not the result of makeup. He was also not among those heartthrobs. Things were fine then.

I confess, I have never had pimples on my face. Nor I have any skin issues. While my friends were concentrating on accessories, I was concentrating on what I wanted to be.

Some of my friends are married now, some are into modeling, some are confused about what to do next and some are still with those heartthrobs. Now I have a fine distinction of being presentable and having a makeup.

I know I am pretty now, way prettier than them. I don’t need a blusher; I just need happy moments to go pink. I don’t need straightening; people spend lots to a have hair like mine. I don’t need fancy clothes; I have my own style statement now. So it’s actually good to remain as a no makeup girl.


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